Know Your History
05/08/2011 Wolf + Lamb vs Soul Clap DJ Kicks World Tour New York Edition
04/09/2011Wolf + Lamb vs Soul Clap DJ Kicks World Tour London
04/1/2011 Wolf + Lamb vs. Soul Clap DJ Kicks World Tour
03/24/2011 Wolf + Lamb vs Soul Clap DJ Kicks World Tour Miami Edition
11/04/2010 Fuck Art Let's Dance DJ Harvey Soul Clap Deniz Kurtel
09/19/2010 Warm at Plastic People w Gadi Mizrahi
09/7/2010 I Just Want to Make You Feel II Zev, Slow Hands & Fedora
09/1/2010 Burning Man 2010 w Wolf + Lamb & Friends
06/20/2010 Crew Love w Gadi Mizrahi, Soul Clap, Tim Sweeney & NRP
05/20/2010 We Live in Brooklyn Baby w Runaway & Justin Miller
05/08/2010 Wolf + Lamb Experience London w Soul Clap, NRP and W+L
04/09/2010 No More Fucking Tears w Deniz Kurtel & Slow Hands
03/25/2010 Ready for Love w Trus' Me, Metro Area, Jaun Atkins
01/15/2010 Plot Presents Wolf + Lamb Experience at the Electric Pickle
12/31/2009 Homecoming 2010 with Maayan Nidam & Guti
10/25/2009 Kubicle at T-Bar, London w Ryan Cross, Clive Henry, FB Julian
11/14/2009 Plot Presents Wolf + Lamb & No Regular Play, Miami
09/25/2009 I Was Holding Back My Love wDyed Soundorom at the Marcy
08/31/2009 Wolf + Lamb & friends at Burning Man, Black Rock City, Nevada
8/29/2009 W+L, Rob G, Keith Kemp, Mike Perry at the Compund, San Francisco
07/14/2009 Wolf + Lamb Label night at Soulshower / Club Der Visioneer Berlin
05/30/2009 I'm Always Watching You w Damian Lazarus, Jamie Jones & introducing: Le Loup
06/05/2009 Kubicle at T-Bar, London w FB Julian, Clive Henry
07/12/2009 Wolf + Lamb Cityfox Afterhours / Zurich at the Cityfox Caveau
03/22/2009 Brooklynn EP Release Party Presented by Sigu
04/18/2009 Cityfox at the Marcy w Dejan, Gregorythme & Kelly Greenbank
05/16/2009 Stay in Love w Matt Tolfrey, Clark Warner, Phillip Stone & Nicolas Jaar
03/25/2009 Everything In Between Party with Leftroom, Droog & Safe, Miami WMC
03/13/2009 Wolf + Lamb Label Night at the Bunker with Lee, Nico, Alex Smoke
02/15/2009 I Need My Space / I Want You Back at Bar13 and the Marcy
10/31/2008 The Promised Land w Smirk, Bill Patrick, Nicolas Jaar at the Marcy
09/27/2008 Thanksgiving Weekend w Taimur Agha, NRP at the Marcy
12/31/2008 Detroit / Brooklyn New Years Eve with Ryan Elliot at the Marcy Hotel
09/13/2008 Seth Troxler, Shaun Reeves at the Marcy Hotel
09/27/2008 50th Party Party with Vince Lemieux & Shaun Reeves at the Marcy
10/18/2008 Lee Curtiss's Sexy Dancer Release Party w Alex Dirttt at the Marcy
07/05/2008 Bon Voyage / Come Fly with Us at the Marcy Hotel
07/15/2008 W+LM Label Night at Club der Visioneer, Berlin
08/22/2008 W+LM Burning Man 2008 Schedule, Black Rock Desert, Nevada
06/12/2008 Seth Troxler's Bar Mitzvah at the Marcy Hotel
05/15/2008 House Party 2 w/ Ryan Crosson at the Marcy Hotel
04/02/2008 W+L Music 2 Year Anniversary at the Marcy Hotel
07/21/2007 the Lowdowntown at the Speigel tent on Pier 17
05/19/2007 24 Hours w/ [a]pendics.shuffle
04/14/2007 Dapayk & Lee Curtiss at 12turn13
03/17/2007 Afterhours at Ari's
02/02/2007 W+LM Label Night at the Bunker
12/31/2006 NYE w/ Someone Else & Miskate at 12turn13
11/02/2006 Dan Bell & Derek Plaslaiko at 12turn13
10/28/2006 Carnival of Illusion w/ the Danger at 3rd Ward
10/14/2006 Galoppierende Zuversicht at 12turn13

09/29/2006 W+LM Label Night w/blink y palermo at the Bunker
09/01/2006 Burning Man at Imagenode & the DEX
08/19/2006 Lee Curtiss, Seth Troxler & Ryan Crosson
08/13/2006 Au Dusk Ferry w/ Ezekiel Honig at Grand Ferry Park
08/05/2006 I Heart Danger w/Matthew Dear at 3rd Ward
07/22/2006 BAPLab w/ Lusine & Ryan Elliot + at 3rd Ward
07/01/2006 Kiss Kiss Bang Bang w/ Mark Verbos at 3rd Ward
06/11/2006 Leftovers at Love
06/07/2006 Intuition IV w/ Projectile Arts at the Frying Pan
05/14/2006 Leftovers at Love
05/06/2006 Akufen at 12turn13
04/30/2006 Leftovers at Love
04/16/2006 Leftovers at Love
04/07/2006 W+LM Label Party at the Bunker
03/25/2006 New Lost City w/ Complacent Nation at Dick Shea's
03/19/2006 Leftovers at Love
03/11/2006 Goosehound Label Launch w/ Pocket Pet at 808 Driggs
03/05/2006 Leftovers at Love
02/11/2006 Matt John, Shaun Reeves & Miss Fitz at 12turn13
12/31/2005 NYE w/ Dan Bell & Derek Plaslaiko at the Marcy Hotel
11/12/2005 BAP w/ John Tejada at the Wood Shoppe
10/29/2005 Halloween w/ Nick AC & Kevin McHugh at the Marcy Hotel
10/26/2005 Pre-Season Special w/ Adultnapper at the Marcy Hotel
10/26/2005 Pre-Season Special w/ Adultnapper at the Marcy Hotel
10/08/2005 Oliver Hacke at the Marcy Hotel
09/26/2005 Spinoza's B-day w/ Sammy D at the Marcy Hotel
09/26/2005 Spinoza's B-day w/ Sammy D at the Marcy Hotel
09/16/2005 Wolf + Lamb w/ Plexus at the Bunker
08/30/2005 Burning Man at the Dex & Burn Barrel
08/20/2005 All Night Mayhem w/ Heartthrob & Marcos Cabral at the Marcy Hotel
08/06/2005 Montreal Cultural Exchange w/ Vince Lemieux & DJ Mightycat at the Marcy Hotel
07/29/2005 Ableton 5 Launch Party w/ Deadbeat* at the bunker
07/23/2005 Camp Rushing Elephant Shit Fundraiser at the Marcy Hotel
06/23/2005 Shapes to Phases Rooftop Launch w/ alka_rex
05/07/2005 Mini Mutek Afterhours w/ Akufen at the Marcy Hotel
04/16/2005 Alex Kass & Friends at the Marcy Hotel
03/26/2005 Alex Kass & Rex at Boogaloo
03/17/2005 Wolf + Lamb & Rex at Loreley Biergarten
02/26/2005 Alex Kass, Rex & Wolf + Lamb at Boogaloo
02/20/2005 Presidents Day Identity Crisis at the Marcy Hotel
11/05/2004 Grey Filistine at the the Bunker
10/22/2004 Winter Mixer w/ Projectile Arts at Projectile Arts